Startup motivation for the apathetic Millennial

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If you are a Millennial then LISTEN UP! I have some bad news… You will not find your rightful piece of the American Dream on your favorite social media site or at the bottom of your Starbucks Grande Non-Fat Soy latte!

It is time to simplify your life and refine your work ethic. That is the only way you can separate yourself being part of a stigma that I call “Apathetic Millennial’s”.

Never before has there been a better time to define your own American Dream. There is an entrepreneurial revolution taking place in this country that has given rise to overnight millionaire’s (some billionaire’s) within a generation that has always enjoyed (and is now addicted too) instant gratification. Technology has created a world full of acne faced CEO’s that can code a smartphone app in their sleep but don’t even know how to do a load of laundry.

For comparison, let’s take a look at your Grandparents generation. By the time your grandma and grandpa were twenty-five, they had gone to school, fought in (and won) a world war, married their sweetheart, gave birth to your parents, and were at least 5 years into whatever job (or jobs) they needed to have to provide everything for their families. The idea of a handout or a paycheck from the government was not even on their radars. Do you know what they were focused on? Getting ahead of the next man or woman. Understanding that if you worked hard, obeyed the law, and had faith, that you could have whatever you wanted in this life. Do you think they ever whined about it not being fair that some people are rich while others are poor? Do you think they ever asked for those that had more to share or give away income to make things more equal? Nope. The only thing they were asking is “What can I do to work harder, smarter, and more efficient than the next man so that I can beat him!” Healthy competition and a little work ethic is not such a bad thing is it? Oh, and I forgot to mention… Do you think they ever dreamed of dropping their laundry off at mom and dads because they didn’t know how to do it or because they were feeling overwhelmed? Not a chance in hell! Instead, they woke up every morning and worked their asses off. Grinding every day and doing whatever they needed to do to provide for their families. And do you know what happened?

These folks created a bustling economy that propelled this country to the top, making the United States a world super-power! The land of opportunity and envy among all of those that weren’t a part of it. Fast forward to today…. The people I just described became known as “The Greatest Generation”. It makes me sick to admit this but they are the reason you have the freedom to lay on your parents couch and watch stoner films while your mom makes you lunch. Pissed off yet? Good. Hopefully I have gotten you to turn the X-Box off.

I am not saying everyone should get hitched, get mortgaged, and start churning out kids. Those aren’t everyones dreams and I am not implying that those things are what make this country great. But focus… I am saying that this country is STILL great! And there have never been more opportunities for you to get out there and make something that you can be proud of putting your name on!